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Installation of Officers

  Sarah Dowell, YMCA

Director of Community Affairs for the YMCA, Sarah Dowell, handles the “runs” sponsored by and/or run through the “Y”. She works on the Christmas program “One Stop Shop” and the “Girls on the Run” program. The “Y’s” expands into Cumberland County.

  Gary Nettles, EIU

Gary Nettles, EIU Assistant Athletic Director, spoke about the impact and contributions of the athletic programs at EIU to the surrounding communities. He is in charge of scholarships for the student athletes; Eastern has about 450 student athletes that provide more than 3,000 hours of community service. They are involved in fund raising through selling parking passes, holding the annual golf outing and organizing the Spring Fling.

  Katey Coffey, Project Graduation

Katey Coffey, (MHS) and Jeff Collins (Project Graduation) spoke about the graduation program for the graduating seniors. Project Graduation is a substance free program starting at 11 PM the night of graduation to 5 AM the next morning. The graduates sign a contract agreeing to be there the whole night. There will be games, activities etc with prizes given away at different times. The grand prize at the end of the evening being a car. This program is designed to give the graduates a safe party.


Current Events

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