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Committees and Exchange Activity Chairs

ACE - Dick Heller
Mattoon Food Pantry - Jerry Parker
Adopt-A-Family - Larry Gutzler & Bill VanKeuren

Member Concerns - George Stone

Adopt-A-Highway - Larry Gutzler
Membership - Randy Myers
Awards - Dick Myers, Ron Batterham, Ed Dowling, Tom Beason
Mentoring - By Sponsor
Book of Golden Deeds - D. Gathmann & B. Holaday
National Day of Service - Laura Seils
Child Abuse Prevention - Dick Myers
Newsletter - Bob Handshy
Facebook - Tabby Bell Operating Budget - Dick McDaniel
Fire Prevention - Pill Fisher/Mick Highland Photo Documenting and History - Bob Handshy
Football - Steve Huckaba

Proudly We Hail - Max Jaeger & Tom Beason

Freedom Shrine - Pill Fisher, Dick Heller
Publicity - Dick Heller
Fund Raising - Bob Riggert

Pulled Pork - Dick Myers, Gary Hurst, Ron Hatfield

GAKAFTW - George Stone

Scholarship - Bill VanKeuren

Golf - Ron Hatfield, Tom Beason, Bob Handshy, Dick Myers, Gary Hurst

Social Activities - Doris Webb
Light Works and Bell Ringing- George Stone
Website - Madeline VanKeuren
Youth of the Month/Year - Dick Heller
2017 Officers
2017 Officers and Board Members
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